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‘Laughing at the Sky’ is a hopeful song with a hint of country that sings of what seems to be a lost, heartbroken old man but in fact he is very content with his simple minimalistic lifestyle. ‘Oh there’s a lot of life in the old boy yet’ is the line that repeats in the chorus emphasising that no matter what age you are or what life circumstances you are in, there is always hope and more life to come regardless what misfortunes you may have been dealt.


The accompanying video was shot in the Bardenas Reales Desert in Spain and narrates this story in the form of a lonesome cowboy making his journey towards Castil de Terra, a famous rock formation in Navarra Northern Spain.

Local filmmaker David McGarvey from Firefly Films shot and directed the music video.


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Robb Murphy wrote a song about a Dutch village. ‘Afterglow’  tells the story of Café ‘t Keerpunt, a historical pub in Spijkerboor, The Netherlands. The song takes the listener back into the past and taps into the feeling of the comforts of home.


The mood is up as the sun goes down
And the sky rolls over Spijkerboor town
Nobody here feels a stranger’s weight
As the night unfolds the stories are told
God this place has a home in my soul

Robb Murphy and his band performed at ‘t Keerpunt many times over the years. Willem Dijkema, owner of the pub, asked Robb to write a song about his experiences. ‘Afterglow’ will be part of a compilation CD that will be released later this year by the owners of the pub to celebrate their 20 year ownership. Situated in the north of The Netherlands, Spijkerboor is a small village with a peaceful and rural character, where the pub is the heart of the village. Known for its live music, poetry, literature and plays the pub not only is home for the locals, but also for artists from all over the world who have performed there. People come from far to see their favourite artists play. Café ‘t Keerpunt’s warm-heartedness, hospitality and history make this pub one of a kind. It is a pub where the stories and the music will never stop.


'Afterglow will be available on Bandcamp, iTunes, iTunes Music Player, Google Play Music, Amazon and other online music stores from the 15th of March 2019.


We'll be touring in Germany and The Netherlands this Autumn! Click on the image for more info and dates!

'Sleep tonight is Track of the Day on Hotpress!!


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The title track from Robb Murphy’s second album, Sleep Tonight featuring The Ulster String Quartet is being released with the support of The Samaritans. It aims to raise awareness for mental health and the importance of communication rather than suppressing the condition. Click on the image to read more.
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A few weeks ago Robb Murphy and his band played 'Bound For Your Arms' live for Sessions In The House


The session is live now! Watch through the following link. Please like and share!

Robb Murphy is featured artist on Coffee House Radio this month. Coffee House Radio features music from singers and songwriters. Online, they provide a 24/7 stream of music and featured artists. Next to that Coffee House Radio broadcasts an hour long radio program with music from some of today’s finest new and known singers and songwriters. The show is on WHFC, WMNB, and WCSQ. You can find Coffee House Radio on Twitter through the following link:
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This week we received a great review of 'North Star' from Angry Baby Music.


'...from the opening sounds of footsteps in the snow, to romantic reflections of firelight in eyes, 'North Star' conjures an atmosphere of lives shared through the simple things.'


'...Glisteningly wintery, warm and fuzzy, the song holds an entire landscape in the simplest of arrangements.


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This week we received a great review of 'The Mysteries Of The Heart', written by Tommi Tikka, music curator of the 'Music To Celebrate Life' playlist of Music To


'...Murphy's lyrics are serene, subtle and tender'


'...There's no doubt in my mind that these tunes will continue to impress folk lovers for years to come.'


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'North Star' is included in Pure M Magazine's 
Best of 2017 in Irish Music!

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We've released ‘North Star’ to celebrate the holiday season!


‘North Star’ captures the spirit of Christmas melding old and new sentiments. The song takes you on a musical journey through a glistening winter landscape; a timeless song guaranteed to bring a warm, fuzzy and festive feeling. We invite you to listen and remember the season as it should be.


‘North Star’ is available as a digital download on Bandcamp now!

I have always had a fascination with lighthouses and knew one day I would write a song with 'Lighthouse' as a title. This is a minimal demo of the song with just guitar and vocal, looking forward to recording the studio version! Thanks for listening :)

The new single ‘Italian Dreams’ is released!

This song was written during a long summer in Italy and is a lighthearted song with a 60’s vibe, a hint of The Beach Boys, certain to spark memories of those heady summer days and your first love.  The lyric, ‘Dolce far niente’, is an important activity in Italy and translates to, ‘the sweetness of doing nothing’. 
The song was recorded and produced by Robb himself. Creative support provided by Kevin Carlisle on drums; Dave Bennington on trumpet and bass; Rick McKee electric guitar; with Robb providing acoustic guitar, piano and vocals. Italian Dreams is mastered by Neal Calderwood of Manor Park Studios with Art Cover provided by Ronan Reid.  
The single is supported by an animated lyric video created by Italian artist Marco Burani.




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